Welcome to Coxing Consultancy. Coxes are often left to develop on their own through a trial and error process. While this is often a very effective way of learning, you can only go so far with this method. We aim to speed up, focus and enhance the learning process for coxes. To achieve this we provide a range of services including audio recording and video analysis, face to face tutorial sessions over video chat or in person, as well as club visits. 



My name is Henry Fieldman and I am the founder of Coxing Consultancy and double world champion cox on the GB Rowing Team, funded through UK Sport. I am passionate about the sport of rowing and have been training and competing as a coxswain for the last 15 years. Alongside my own training and racing commitments, I have started coaching coxes from all over the UK and am now coxing coach to Cambridge University Boat Club and Westminster School Boat Club.


I grew up by the River Thames and learnt to cox at Latymer Upper School on the Tideway. After finishing school, I studied for a BSc at Imperial College in London and an MSc at UCL. I coxed for the University of London Boat Club, and then Imperial College Boat Club. I then moved to Cambridge to study for my MPhil. While there, I coxed Cambridge in the 2013 Boat Race. I now train full-time with the GB Team.

My approach to my sport is to strive to learn and improve each day. This process encourages incremental gains in all aspects of coxing and understanding of the sport as a whole. I aim to promote this approach with Coxing Consultancy.



  • World Rowing Championships 

    • Bronze, 2019, GB M8+

    • Bronze, 2018, GB M8+

    • 7th, 2017, GB M8+

    • Gold, 2016, GB M2+

    • Gold, 2015, GB M2+

    • Silver, 2014, GB M2+

    • Bronze (U23), 2010, GB M8+

    • Bronze (U23), 2009, GB M8+

    • 5th (U23), 2008, GB M8+

  • Rowing World Cup

    • Gold (and series), 2019, GB M8+

    • Gold, 2016, GB M2+

    • Gold, 2015, GB M2+

    • Gold, 2015, GB M8+

  • European Rowing Championships

    • Silver, 2019, GB M8+​

  • Canal-Cup

    • Gold, 2015, GB M8+
    • Gold, 2010, GB M8+

  • Henley Royal Regatta

    • Thames Challenge Cup, 2016, Molesey, Won

    • Ladies Plate, 2013, Leander/Molesey, Won

  • Windermere Cup, 2014, GB M8+, Won

  • The Boat Race, 2013, Cambridge, Lost

  • BUCS Regatta, 2011, Imperial College M8+, Bronze

  • Coupe de la Jeunesse, 2006, GB M4+, Gold



Hello everyone! I joined Coxing consultancy to bring my experience, which is different but complementary with what Henry proposes. I am a former international French cox, two times World medalist and coxed four lover. I have coxed for 15 years, racing in 12 countries in Europe, Asia and America. I met Henry at the Coupe de la Jeunesse in 2006 and since then I have taken part in 7 World Championships with the Junior, U23, University and Senior French rowing teams.


Now, I am a freelance photographer, journalist photographer, journalist and a graduate student in communication & management. I shared my childhood between Lyon and Mâcon in eastern France. I started rowing in 2001, at the club which saw the mythical “macon blade” revealed in 1959: Régates Mâconnaises. In 2014 I moved to Aviron Grenoblois, one of the most important clubs in France and I still cox for them when I am in France. In the UK, I have raced the Four’s Head in 2007, the Head of the River in 2009, I reached the final at Henley Royal Regatta in 2015 and I was a member of Edinburgh University BC in 2015-16.


I perceive rowing as a rhythm, a rhythm which has to be felt and understood by the persons who want to go fast on the water. The particular position of the cox makes them ideal to do these things, as well as to train and support their rowers. Because coxing is more than steering and reading the screen of a cox-box, I propose you use Coxing Consultancy to help you sharpen your instincts in a boat and improve your managements skills. My experience in coxing and communication and media will be useful for teaching coxswains of all developmental stages.



  • University World Championships 

    • Silver, 2014, France M8+

    • 6th, 2008, France M8+

  • World Rowing Championships 

    • 4th, 2011, France LM8+

    • Bronze (U23), 2011, France M4+
    • 5th, 2009, France LM8+
    • 6th (U23), 2009, France M4+
    • Silver (Junior), 2007, France M4+
  • Coupe de la Jeunesse, Silver, 2006, France M4+

  • French National Championships

    • Gold (2015, 2014 x2, 2012, 2009, 2008, 2005, 2004)​

    • Silver (2013, 2009)

    • Bronze (2015, 2010, 2007, 2006, 2004)

  • Henley Royal Regatta

    • Temple Challenge Cup, 2015 - Finalist​