We are proud to have two of high profile Boat Clubs as permanent clients of Coxing Consultancy. We work closely with these high performance outfits throughout the season, leading their coxswain education programme and providing their coxes with a holistic learning experience. Our major client at school level is the education and rowing powerhouse that is Westminster School, while at university level our major client at present is one of the oldest and most successful university programmes in Great Britain, both in terms of academic education and rowing. This is Cambridge University Boat Club.



Annelise Perkins Working with Henry has been invaluable in the development of my coxing, taking me from a position of being unsure on which areas to prioritise for improvement, to a stage where I could be confident that the changes I made were having a real, positive impact on my crew. The feedback given for each recording is always clear and detailed, with focused goals to work towards, allowing you to go into each session with a clear view of the changes required. Alongside the feedback from recordings, Henry is always ready to answer any questions and his advice and support throughout the trialling process helped me immensely. I look forward to continuing working with him throughout my university coxing career.

  • Cox of Headington School 1st 8+

  • National Schools Regatta Winner, 2016

  • School's Head Winner, 2016

  • Coupe de la Jeunesse, GB Women's Eight, 2018

  • Current Squad - Imperial College Boat Club

Axel de Boissard - Coxes are often not the primary focus for rowing coaching. Moreover, defining what makes a good cox and judging progression in coxing can be subjective and difficult. Therefore it can be hard for a cox to make significant improvements. This was certainly my personal experience in my early years of coxing. Working with Henry has been the best thing to happen to my coxing. He objectively assessed all elements of my performance, highlighting weaknesses and strengths within individual recordings. His feedback was clear and focused and enabled me to make the necessary improvements in order to earn a seat in the eight at the Junior World Championships. Henry is very generous with his time and has always gone above and beyond in order to help me. I am grateful for his insights and support and will continue to seek his advice for years to come.

  • Cox of St. Paul's School 1st 8+

  • National Schools Regatta Winner, 2017

  • Junior World Championships, GB Men's Eight, 2017 - 2018 (Bronze & Gold)

  • HRR Winner, Princess Elizabeth, 2018

  • Current Squad - Princeton Crew

Vlad Saigau - At the start of my 2015 season when I first began working with Henry Fieldman, I felt like I had the passion for the sport but found it difficult to convert this into practical improvements in my coxing. Henry set up an organised process by which I could send in recordings and receive comprehensive feedback that highlighted both my strengths and weaknesses. His guidance was thorough, professional and effective, evidently backed by years of experience and success. Not only this, but his enthusiasm for the sport was truly inspiring, motivating me to progress and make the changes he suggested. I can undoubtedly claim that my coxing improved far greater over the course of the 6 months working with Henry than in my total 4 years. He took me from a position of being unsure of whether to trial for the GB team to being selected for the Junior World Championships later that same season and so I feel very fortunate to have had such an incredible opportunity.

  • Cox of St. Paul's School 1st 8+

  • HRR Winner, Princess Elizabeth, 2015

  • Junior World Championships, GB Coxed Four, 2015 (7th)

  • Junior World Championships, GB Men's Eight, 2016 (Bronze)

  • Current Squad - Yale Crew

Pete Reed OBE The imperious German Eight from the London Olympiad were only defeated once; the first time Henry Fieldman took the senior rudder. In 2010, that 12.75km tactical battle on the Hanse Canal was my first race with Henry and still one of my all time favourites. He made that British eight a cohesive unit in just a handful of sessions and steered & called the race to perfection. Since then, I have only ever been impressed with his professionalism, zeal and all aspects of his boatmanship. He is meticulous in his preparations and always strives to improve, making him one of the world's greatest coxes. Henry has a warm and engaging way with people and I have no doubt that you will find extraordinary value from his advice and guidance. I have.

  • World Champion, 2006, 2007, 2013, 2014 & 2015

  • Olympic Champion, 2008, 2012 & 2016