Coxing Consultancy currently offers three services. These include audio and video analysis, face to face tutorial sessions and club visits. These can be booked individually, but we recommend a combination of services to achieve the best results.




Our services are targeted at both coxes and coaches of coxes. Our aim is to simply help you or your cox to develop and be better, regardless of starting level, and regardless of whether you're based in a university, club or school programme.



Audio and Video Analysis


Send us your audio or video recordings via Dropbox or Google Drive and we will send you back a detailed feedback form, highlighting what you do well and what can be improved upon. We can analyse recordings in both English and French.


Price - £80 per analysis (€30 for analysis in French)

Tutorial Sessions

Book in for a one-on-one tutorial session, either in person, on video chat, or over the phone.


Price - £80 per hour

Club Visits


Book one of our consultants to come to your club and see your coxes in action and or coach a session for the rowers as well.. Alternatively book one of us to jump into the coxing seat and cox a session. 


Price - £250 per session 

Public Speaking

Listen to Henry's story and insights gained from his over 10 year stint in high performance sport and pursuit of World and Olympic success. 


Price - £500 (audience size dependant)